Born and raised in Japan, Japanese Goods USA CEO June Voss now resides in the United States with her husband, 2 children, 2 dogs, 18 goats, 2 mini donkeys, 5 sheep, 2 giant rabbits, and 1 rescued feral cat.

June fell in love with The Nekojasuri while trying to make their new rescue cats feel more comfortable in their new home. It was purrfect!

Growing up in Japan instilled a natural true love of Japanese foods, culture and consumer products.

“Even though I love living in America, I really miss Japanese foods and culture! I often cook Japanese dishes for my family, and we celebrate Japanese traditions, like children’s days etc. I love sharing a bit of Japan with my family and we want to introduce you to “a taste of Japan”.

June Voss

Japanese Goods USA LLC

Established in April 2022, Japanese Goods USA is a small family business based in Orlando, Florida.

We import various hit products from Japan directly from the manufacturers.

CEO June Voss was born and raised in Japan, in a bicultural home, and came to the U.S.A. to attend college, and later graduated from the University of South Florida with a degree in Psychology.

This knowledge of psychology has helped her with this growing family!

She and her America husband Eric (President, Japanese Goods USA LLC) travel to Japan yearly to visit family and find new and exciting products which they share on this website.

Japanese Goods USA Website

In March 2023, we opened our new “Bambi’s Mini Petting Farm” after seeing how much the neighborhood children enjoyed being with all the animals.

The animals also enjoy all the attention and loving they get.

Not an early animal lover, June has come to adore the various animals in the farm. She considers all her fur babies to be family.

Maybe that’s why baby goats are called “kids”?

Bambis Mini petting Farm image


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