The Nekojasuri

Hundreds of thousands of cats in Japan can’t be wrong!

Show your cat just how much you love him or her. Cats love to self-groom or be groomed, show some love!

The patented and multi-awarded hit product from Japan is now here!

Brought to you by Japanese Goods USA

Voted Number 1 “Japan Cat Goods of the year” for 2022-2023!

Make your cat absolutely swoon with pleasure! “This little tool is a game-changer”.

The Patented Nekojasuri – developed in Japan by 130-year-old file maker “Wataoka”.

Only a file craftsman could produce this finely designed and manufactured tool which very closely imitates a cat’s naturally rough tongue. Cat parents can communicate with their cats in a new way!

Why do cats groom themselves?

Grooming is a natural behavior for cats and serves several purposes. It helps them to keep their coat clean and free of dirt and debris.

Cats have a rough tongue that is covered in tiny, backward-facing spines called papillae. These papillae act like a natural brush, helping to remove loose fur, dirt, and debris from their coat.

In addition to keeping their coat clean, grooming also helps to regulate a cat’s body temperature. When a cat licks its fur, the saliva on their fur evaporates, which helps to cool their body down.Grooming can also be a way for cats to relax and reduce stress.

cat licking its paw

Relaxation effect

cat sniffing the Nekojasuri

Cats are just as stressed as we humans are.

They try to calm themselves down by grooming when they feel nervous, anxious or surprised, for example, when they hear a loud noise or are angry with their owner (!) Cats can be finicky, moody and unsocial but the Nekojasuri seems to make most of them swoon with pleasure!



This comb is super cat-friendly and really works!

Amazon – Reviewed in the United States on November 1, 2022

I just received my Nekojasuri Cat Groomer. This little comb is a game changer. I have spent hundreds on cat grooming combs and brushes, to which my three cats run when they see me coming their way with ANY of them. But, Oh my goodness! Everyone of my cats were a bit guarded initially. But the next response was the cats begging for more of this comb while they purred loudly. The comb removes hair gently, so you must comb them for awhile to remove a bunch of loose hair. The comb leaves their coat with a healthy sheen. I have already ordered one additional comb in another color for the bedroom. I am so motivated to get their coats healthy-looking and shiny for the upcoming Holidays. I’m happy to know I’m saving money by no longer buying useless gadgets.

My first trip to a cat cafe

“I had so much fun with the kittens, and now I’m 200% confident to say ‘The Nekojasuri works amazingly!!!”’I tried the Nekojasuri with all the kitties they had today. I would say probably 15 cats.

A few of them were a little scared at the initial touch, but ALL of them came back to me on their own to get more spa time!!!!

Also watching the kittens enjoying being groomed was a very soothing, almost therapeutic kind of time for me as well.

It was amazing!!!!!”

June Voss CEO Japanese Goods USA

From Facebook

[Gifted] We’re so excited about this grooming tool called The Nekojasuri Cat Groomer from @japanese_goods_usa . It’s not a hair removal brush. This tool mimics a cat’s rough tongue.

As you can see I am so relaxed….I’m stretched out on CatDad’s lap and enjoying the grooming 😸

Also, if you have a shy kitty this tool is great for calming them and getting them use to being petted & loved. And yes, Momma Kitty said it felt pretty good too.

The Nekojasuri was chosen for the “Best Product of 2022” in Japan. It was specially designed & hand crafted in Japan and imported straight from the manufacturer in Hiroshima, Japan.

From FaceBook:

✨“Both my cats absolutely love the cat groomer. I would highly recommend. Worth the price for happy cats.”✨

Orlando Cat Cafe

The Orlando Cat Cafe now offers the NekoJasuri Cat Groomer on our website! We’ve been using this amazing product for a few months and it’s magical! When we get a shy kitty, this tool is great for calming them and getting them used to being pet and loved. It mimics a cats rough tongue and the length allows you to reach the scared kitty from a bit further away. It also fits easily through the bars of a cat carrier to soothe your kitty while they are being transported. Start by petting them on the head with it and move to their cheeks as your kitty gets used to the feel!😺😺

Your kitty will be spoiled – and so will ours! When you purchase the NekoJasuri directly from Orlando Cat Cafe – HALF of the purchase price will go to the kitties of Orlando Cat Cafe and @spca_florida! 🤩Order yours here:…/nekojasuri-cat-groomer/

Tens of thousands of cats in Japan can’t be wrong!

The patented, multi-awarded, specially crafted type of pet interactive tool that allows cats and their owners to communicate in a new way. It is constructed of a special resin molding technique crafted by 130 year old file manufacturer “Wataoka”. Its special comb teeth have extremely fine texture and high precision. The overall design is as simple as it is elegant. Thanks to its compact size, it fits well in the hand.

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